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CRM SOLUTIONS and other solutions

We provide CRM solutions and other solutions which are used worldwide.

CRM Solutions
IT Support Services

IT Support Services

Fast and efficient tier 3 helpdesk with friendly helpful engineers, keeping your staff up and running.

Bespoke Development

Desktop, Mobile and Web. If you want a solution that fits your business needs perfectly, we have the coding experience to solve the issue.

Bespoke Development
Web design

Web Design

New websites, site implementation, support and refresh of existing websites. We produce websites that get results for our clients.

Hardware & Software

Whether its connectivity for a new office, an extension to an existing network or just moving a single PC, our professional Support Team can help you expand your company infrastructure.

Hardware & Software


Our experts can install both on premise servers and devices through to cloud based integrations such as O365.

Why SMEs Should Consider IT Systems Integration

Systems integration in an IT or engineering sense, involves the integration of multiple sub-systems within an organisation into one overarching system.

AI and Business, what does the future hold?

In the past few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been slowly taking over our homes and businesses without us necessarily realising.

How Green is your company really?

With a large push on becoming more friendly to the environment is your company up to scratch or are you missing a few hurdles along the way?

Implementing New Business Software – The Key Steps to Consider

New business software implementation is a great opportunity to transform the way your organisation operates for the better.

Could voice controlled devices be the new home spy?

As a consumer we believe products we purchase from well established companies are secure and with google and amazon the forerunners in voice-controlled devices, are we really safe?

Some of our clients

What they say about us

Before implementing LBT’s CRM solution, Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd was a successful small business that was starting to have difficulty maintaining its early growth. Our administrative staff were struggling to maintain control of the scheduling of visits of our engineers to inspect, sample, and test commercial water systems including swimming pools, spas, cooling towers etc. The more so, because of the burden of arranging the scientific tests and certifying the results to our clients. Getting new business wasn’t a problem, but handling it was. Twelve years on, we have more clients, more engineers, and more tests. However, we also have less central administrative staff and a better service to our customers. We are now the UK’s leading testers of swimming pools testing over 1,000 pools and spas per month with offices in Hertfordshire, Swindon, Birkenhead, Scotland, Ireland and Devon all linked via the CRM solution. Without LBT’s CRM solution we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Owen Davies


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