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Friendly, professional IT support services since 1993. LBT cover all aspects of IT support, hosting and bespoke software development services.

We will look after your IT needs, from your first question, to implementation and onward with support in operation. Talk to us about your business IT requirements.

Consultation Services

We understand that every business is different and requirements vary. Not everybody understands Information Technology, so our team can help guide you through and deliver you a working solution that is tailored to your needs.


This is the life blood of any IT system. Choosing hardware and software that works for you is crucial to business success. Our team can help plan, design and deploy your equipment and software, whether it’s on-premise or in the Cloud.

Support Services

Let's face it, things go wrong from time to time. We offer comprehensive support services to ensure that when it does, you'll be back up and running before you know it. We have varying sized support packages to help.

Installation Services

The installation process for hardware and/or software can sometimes be a daunting task. Let our team take the stress out of it for you. Whether it's a full new system or just a printer, we can help.

Who are we?

Who are we? We know, but we want you to know about us!

We’ve been in IT since 1993, that’s quite an achievement in a fast paced and ever evolving business sector.


How have we done this? Well, we’ve grown with the development of the IT market and followed the key trends as they’ve developed.


This has ensured we can provide you with the latest technologies as soon as they’ve both emerged and become reliable, to be the future norm for business.


We can supply you with PC hardware, networking, Internet connectivity, websites, hosting and Cloud Services.


Our experienced team of friendly professionals can offer your business any number of our IT support services.


This coupled with our provision of competitive support packages, can bring peace of mind to maintaining your IT equipment, whether on-site, remotely or in the Cloud.

Consultative services

Unsure exactly what IT you want, but know roughly what your business needs?

No problem, as our consultants can talk through your requirements, whether its for software, hardware or a complete system.

We can arrange for one of our IT team of professionals to contact/visit you, to discuss your specific needs in business terms, not IT speak.



Jargon free consultation!

We’ll give you a plain English explanation of your various options, so you can decide what best suits your business needs.

Whether it’s a complete solution, from supply through to installation and configuration, or just an individual item. Our IT professionals can take the hassle out of growing your business IT infrastructure.

Hardware & software services

Here at LBT, we can install or upgrade any networking in your business.


Whether its connectivity for a new office, an extension to an existing network or just moving a single PC, our professional Support Team can help you expand your company infrastructure.



We offer site visits, remote access and telephone support to whatever software package issues you may have. Using our knowledge and support experience to quickly get you back on track.


Whether you’re in need of a completely new company network, expansion of an existing network or setting up a single PC, our IT infrastructure and solutions offerings will help you grow your business. In addition to this, we also offer cloud solutions and hosting provision.



But what about the cloud?

For those looking towards the cloud, we can provide Office 365 solutions, with setup and/or migration assistance from your current system if required.


If you have website and/or email requirements, LBT also maintain a hosted server presence, meaning we can provide both website & email hosting for businesses.

Support services

Nobody thinks it could happen to them, until it does.

Sometimes even the most careful of businesses can get affected by a viral issue, it can only take a misplaced web click or opening one rogue email, it can happen. Should your business unexpectedly take on such a visitor, our Support Team are on hand to quickly help.

Awareness and prompt action always minimizes the impact, and also reduces business downtime.

But how?

Our experienced team can both isolate and restore function to your business, getting this done as quickly as possible to put you back on track.

For those other times when you just have that intermittent or hard to identify issue with your IT equipment, our Support Team can help with their diagnostic and troubleshooting experience. 

Whether it’s a full network or a single machine, our team can visit or connect to your equipment to assist and keep your business running smoothly.

If you’ve a PC or other IT equipment, regardless if bought through us or elsewhere, we offer repair services. 

Using industry suppliers to source quality IT hardware and components, we can provide both a durable repair and quick turnaround to get your equipment running again.

In addition to all of this, LBT are a re-seller of the exciting revision to the traditional Customer Relationship Management software solution called ‘Associate CRM’.


A professional IT installation can help a business grow.


Using our wide range of knowledge and experience, coupled with our Consultative Services, we can provide you with installation and configuration of your IT equipment to professionally complete your IT works, hassle free.


Whether it’s completely new IT equipment, upgrade of existing or simply equipment relocation of any size, our Support Team professionals can provide the technical assistance onsite to complete the job.

Associate CRM

Associate CRM works at the heart of your administration systems.


It maintains all your contacts; customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and other business partners in a secure, multi-user, SQL Server database.

Associate provides an efficient means of recording all the documents and transactions between you and your contacts.

It is your electronic store for scanned documents, emails and important files.


Can I integrate Associate with my other software?

Yes, absolutely! Associate supports interacting with Microsoft Office applications, often also linking into other software packages such as your accounting system. Ask us for details.


Where is Associate hosted?

Associate exists in both on-premise and web-hosted formats. In the latter case it can be provided on Amazon Web Services platform.

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