AI and Business, what does the future hold?

Wednesday, 02 Jun 2021

In the past few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been slowly taking over our homes and businesses without us necessarily realising.

Such things range from a simple question of “What’s the weather today” on our phone, to pressing a button on a device to order something online.

All of which can involve a range of AI that we may not really understand, or even realise is happening, as it starts to become the norm.

What are the biggest threats?

AI is an excellent tool, but as with any computing tool, they can have their flaws and need of maintenance.

So, the key question is, what is the risk of letting AI into our homes and businesses?


One key issue is security, in that we are being asked to put our trust in a computer to put the data exactly where we want it to go.

This is fine when starting out, but what happens if during the lifetime of your AI device, the location of that data changes, this could effectively steal your data?

Similarly, voice commands are the starting point and unless properly setup, can come with little or no default security – just you, the device and the internet.

This could mean, you can go into any home and use a device to change the house lights or heating, just using the right commands.

Mainly this is down to either the device not having personal voice recognition (so only you can control it) set up, or a strong password on the device administration features.


Similar to the issue of facial recognition (which is another example of AI), this default lack of initial security one of the biggest risks we face, to not start out using AI from a secure stand point.

With our world heavily relying on computers it’s becoming our biggest risk.

This is why here at LBT, we always suggest having the latest patches and upgrades as soon as they are released.


It is believed AI will be adding a staggering $15.7 trillion (£12.8 trillion) to global GDP by 2030, and this is simply the integration of the products rather than purchasing.

Businesses can thrive from using computers alongside people to do jobs, which if done correctly can benefit our personal workloads as well as be excellent for businesses as a whole.

It’s all a matter of having that right starting knowledge, to employ AI for you, rather than the other way around.

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