We find many clients need our services to streamline their processes and make their business more efficient. A business starts using various software in its early days, such as accounting, then maybe a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and as the business grows, other bolt on software packages, none of which really talk to each other effectively. LBT specialise in providing bespoke software development to connect up your individual packages and enhance the processes making for an efficient and effective business tool.

LBT is also home to the incredibly powerful yet easy to use Associate CRM which has been helping businesses run for some 25 years. The power behind this software package is that we can adapt it to suit your business, for start to finish workflow.

As well as providing our own CRM, we develop bespoke features and capabilities for the massively popular HubSpot CRM, filling the gap for your business’s specific needs.

LBT does more than just CRMs, our new suite of products will help digitally organise your staff scheduling, timesheets, and HR department. Click to see more on the Asyne suite.

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