How green is your company really?

On the coldest day of the year so far, it makes you wonder just how much the climate has changed in the past few weeks. From those blazing hot summers, to now scraping the ice off your car, it’s a stark difference.


So, with the global push to be more friendly towards the environment, is your company up to scratch or are you missing a few steps along the way?


A small change can make a big difference

A few small changes can, not only help the environment, but also help your company’s pockets, particularly as the latest tech and changing way of working can save money on both electricity and network usage. Just such an example was sent to some major tech industry giants today, with the news that we send an incredible 64million pointless emails daily.


Whether it’s that simple “Ok” to the staff office party or a constant stream of funny photos to get you through the day, have you ever thought just how much happens when an email is sent?


We all know not to print out emails, to save the environment on paper use, but when we click “send” on our little email, it seems a simple virtual process with just a few electrons inconvenienced along the way.


In reality it’s slightly more complex. When you click “send”, that email is transported to your server, which then works to find the next route to travel down. The email will then, much like post in a sorting office, be sent up to a data centre (If cloud based) and stored here, before being sent along several more machines until eventually onto your intended recipients’ computer.



This may not sound like much power used, but a study commission by OVO believe that if all adults sent one less per day, this would be the equivalent of taking over 3000 diesel cars off the road. So, by not sending unnecessary emails, you’ll not only save your companies bandwidth and storage on your local machine, but also be saving the environment. Those inconvenienced electrons being freed up to do some business work instead.



Upgrading old equipment

The other side of green computing is the old computer equipment we don’t tend to change until it goes faulty.


Sitting perhaps in the corner, minding its own business, that old equipment is left running all week long. This can cost your company money, using more power that some of the newer choices available, which are far more effective and energy saving. By example, the intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) PC is almost a quarter of the size of a workstation, and can even be hidden from view on the back of most desktop monitors. These use far less power, but remain just as efficient, with Intel packing the same amount of memory and computer processing power in much a smaller case.


Some will always look at the outlay as the overriding cost of a new PC in a business, but the energy savings in the long run and increase in office space, make such options effective and efficient in this modern age.



If you would like any further information on what choices you may have for upgrades then please book a free consultation with LBT today here or call 01763 275 400. We have friendly individuals who will talk through the stages of upgrading your office equipment to a more cost-effective method and also move you to the cloud so you can downsize your server usage.


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