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Time is Running out for Windows 7 Users

If your business is still using Windows 7 it will not stop working after 14th January 2020, but Microsoft will not be providing updates such as fixes to new bugs and security updates. The biggest risk to businesses that continue to use Windows 7 when it becomes unsupported is the operating system’s vulnerability to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is a major threat to most SMEs which are often unprepared for an attack.....

Why SMEs Should Consider IT Systems Integration?

The benefits of systems integration at an early stage are often overlooked by rapidly growing SMEs. However, reviewing systems and possible integrations on a regular basis is critical to making efficiency improvements as processes evolve and companies grow, to ensure they stay competitive. Read on to see why...

Your Guide to Choosing a New IT Support Company

With your IT systems playing a pivotal role in day to day operations, maintaining customer relationships, keeping data secure and ultimately the success of your organisation, you need to ensure that you have the necessary IT expertise on hand to ensure they run smoothly. But with more IT providers emerging daily choosing a capable and reputable partner is increasingly tricky. So, how do you decide which IT support company to trust with your business? We have put together a short guide to help you make that decision.

Viruses, Trojans and Malware: The Terminology Explained and What Your Business can do to Stay Safe

Following an upward spiral in cyberattacks, major incidents hitting the headlines and with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force during 2018, cybersecurity has suddenly been bumped up the agenda to a top priority for directors of businesses, charities and other organisations. We provide some simple definitions to define some of the common threats and simple tips to get you started on the way to securing your organisation online.

Thinking of Investing in a Business App? Check out our Handy Hints [Free Guide]

LBT understands how essential it is for businesses to develop and nurture positive relationships with customers and staff in order to build brand loyalty, generate new customers and ultimately be successful. That is why we are in the business of developing apps that better equip our clients’ organisations to deliver great customer experiences that increase customer retention, purchases and overall satisfaction

Onsite Versus Cloud-Based Computing

At LBT Computer Services, our IT consultancy specialists assist a wide range of organisations with evaluating onsite versus cloud-based computing, so we thought we would compare the key advantages and disadvantages in our latest blog

An IT Revolution: What can Your Business do to Adapt?

We remember the days of Acorn Computers, the dot matrix printer, Windows 3.1, floppy disks…. You name it. In our latest blog we look at some of the biggest developments for business IT and how to support them

Working Patterns are Changing: What Does This Mean for a Modern IT Infrastructure?

Our working habits have been changing dramatically and it is predicted the pace will increase. Here we examine at a basic level, some of the key elements companies need to consider to facilitate the creation of an IT infrastructure to support a new breed of organisational structure.

Welcome to the new LBT Website!

We are excited to welcome you onto the new LBT website, proudly developed by our in-house team. The website marks the next stage in the development of the business and our desire to continually improve customer communications. A dynamic, modern design makes browsing the new website easier for users...