On this week: 11th February 2020

Welcome back to our weekly blog installment of throwbacks and hopefully this will be another motivational booster for the week. This week we have the fall of a world class chess champion by a computer, the Apollo computer is incorporated and Lemmings appeared on our computers:


10th February 1996 – Deep Blue becomes a chess champion

On the 10th February 1996 a Chess champion named Garry Kasparov was defeated by “Deep Blue” IBM’s chess computer. This was the first time a computer has won a game against a world class champion and made History. Surprisingly Kasparov did win the series but another re-match against Deep Blue a year later caused the champion to stumble again and was defeated.


13th February 1980 – Apollo Computer Inc founded

Apollo Computers were founded in 1980 and were one of the very first vendors to deliver workstations to businesses and households. The workstations had their very own Operating system titled “aegis” which was later replaced by “Domain/OS” both of which are now discontinued. In 1989 HP (Hewlett Packard) purchased Apollo Computers for a lump sum of $476 million.


14th February 2004 – Lemmings is released

Lemmings was one of the biggest games of the early 90’s due to its simplistic design and friendly image which made it accessible to everyone. The aim of the game was to get your lemmings from one side of the screen map to the other using skills such as parachuting with an umbrella and placing tiles along long gaps to build bridges. You had to manage your team of lemmings by blocking them from falling off the cliff edges to their inevitable doom.


14th February 496 – The origins of Valentine’s day

Every year we are inundated with heart shaped cards and huge banners announcing the coming of Valentines day, but do we really know the origins of why we do this? It all started during a roman festival named “Lupercalia” which happened in the middle of February. During the festival the boys would draw names of girls from a box and this would make them boyfriend and girlfriend for the remaining time of the festival, some even married.


Several centuries later the church turned the festival into a Christian celebration and St Valentine would be remembered during the time. This is why we now use the title “Valentine” to express our feelings to our loved ones.


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