On this week: 14th January 2020

Another week and another throwback to some of the biggest moments in tech and computer history. At LBT we look back and see where some of the more significant inventions and ideas were created to help us see exactly how far things have come and how quickly the world is changing. Lets dive into the history books and see exactly what happened on this week over the years:


13th January 1989 – Friday the 13th Virus attacks!

On the 13th January 1989 a virus attacked computers which slowed them down and even deleted program files, at this moment in history Microsoft had not invented an Anti-Virus and the attack caused a lot of damage to companies, not only workload but also cost of replacing software and hardware.


The actual name of the virus was “Jerusalem” and it was created to activate on Friday the 13th on all years except 1987 when it was built. Some users would change the system clock time but the virus still remained and caused the computers to freeze and slow down. This is a prime example of how technology has shaped our landscape to be more secure and tactical, viruses like this are obsolete to today’s standards but it’s good to always keep your equipment up to date and running the latest anti-virus software.


13th January 1910 – The first live radio performance was broadcast

As we take for granted “Streaming” and live broadcasts from the radio and television, in 1910 a huge step in history was taken when the very first public radio performance was broadcast. The opera titled “Cavalleria rusticana” was performed at the Metropolitan opera house in New York city and many tuned in. Today we can simply get our smartphones and stream live to hundreds or thousands of people but at the time this was the start of live entertainment.


14th January 2020 – Windows 7 becomes EOL (end of life)


Today marks a big moment in Microsoft history, Windows 7 will become end of life, which means it is no longer supported. Being one of the most loved and used operating systems it will be a huge change for lots of businesses. Several companies still use windows 7 and even XP but this is a huge security risk and people are now planning quickly to upgrade software and hardware as windows 10 becomes the standard.


End of life doesn’t mean the device using the software will stop working, it just means the company supporting the product (Microsoft) will no longer send patches or upgrades which puts users at risks. Certain applications and websites will also stop supporting windows 7 as this will be out of date for security reasons. What can you do if your company still runs windows 7? We suggest you look into upgrading your current hardware to a new operating system or buy new devices to keep you going until windows 10 becomes end of life (2025).


At LBT we would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to read our blog, with the new year bringing new technical faults and issues we are always on hand to resolve the matter. So, if you ever require technical support, we are always available to help. We offer a range of remote and onsite support to keep your company running at its full potential, so you don’t have to worry. Book a free consultation with LBT today here or call 01763 275 400.

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