On this week: 17th December

The festive period is slowly working its way towards us and with most of the working day is being spent rushing our projects before everyone closes their doors for the final days of the year. But as one-year closes another opens its doors to a fresh start, but it’s always a joy to look back at what happened on this week over the years for some new year inspiration:


14th December 1902 – The first Transpacific telegraph cable is laid

While laying cables across the seabed is a common occurrence in today’s society, the first telegraph cable was laid by the ship named “Silvertown”. Starting its journey on the 14th December 1902 it laid a staggering 2,227 miles worth of cable from San Francisco to Honolulu in 18 days, by the 1st of January 1903 the work was completed and 4 days later on the 5th of January public messages began transmission for the first time.


15th December 1995 – AltaVista search engine is launched

Most of us today use a search engine in our daily lives, and Google is the household name for most. Instantly it finds phone numbers or customer details without a problem and can even show us real time sports results as it happening. But in the early 90s AltaVista was the defining engine. With the thought of being able to search the web with one key word the internet was changed overnight and unlike its rivals AltaVista has managed to index roughly 20 million webpages which was far more than its competition. Google didn’t take the lead until 2001, in 2003 yahoo purchased AltaVista but announced in 2013 it was shutting the service down for good.


16th December 2003 – CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is established

A huge day in modern computing happened on the 16th of December 2003 when the CAN-SPAM act was established and signed by the president George W. Bush. This act was set to control unsolicited Spam and other content by setting some ground rules. These rules included an Unsubscribe mechanism was needed to be put in all mail and content needed to be relevant to what the user was receiving and not deceptive. While some of these mechanisms are still in used today, we still encounter plenty of Spam Mails and should be aware that these usually embedded with possible malicious content.



 17th December 2009 – Avatar is released into theatres

Avatar was one of the most talked about and hyped released before it hit theatres in December 2009, with a budget of 237 million Dollars it was a large gamble for director James Cameron and 20th century Fox, but its huge success caused the film to make a staggering 2.79 Billion. Multiple Spin-offs have appeared and even a huge area of Disneyworld in Florida has built a life size land of Pandora for people to explore. The sequel is due to be released in 2021 and I’m sure it will be just as successful.



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