On this week: 18th November

Looking back in time can be one of the most exciting and fun things we can do as humans, from our classrooms as children looking through books to now reminiscing about our past as adults. As we kick off a new ‘On this week’ series of blogs, we look back at some of the events which has happened in the technology world to give us a dose of inspiration. What better week to start than a week that was very important in IT history, from Bill Gates to a major step toward today’s internet. Look below to some of the Throwbacks of the past on this cold Tuesday morning:


21 November 1969 – The First ARPANET link was created (The Origins of the internet)

On the 21st of November 1969, several researchers from DARPA (defence’s Advanced Research Projects Agency) created the first link between two computers, one of the computers was situated in Stanford Research Institute and the other was in the University of California. Robert E. Kahn & Vinton Cerf were commissioned by the Government to build a national computer network for the military, Government and other sectors such as healthcare providers. This worldwide network is widely regarded as the birth of the Internet that we all know and love today.


18th November 1970 – Bill Gates Begins Programming

In 1970 a young Bill gates was attending Lakeside school in Seattle when he and a bunch of friends decided to use the computers to see what was possible, He started to program early versions of what we know today as “Windows” and started a small group of programmers which offered free time on the computers for time spent programming. This was ideal for the group as the cost of using computers in the area was expensive. If Bill had not sacrificed his time programming and testing the machines, Windows as we know it right now and Microsoft may never has existed.


21 November 1992 – The release of Sega’s “Sonic 2”

Sonic is a household name and has appeared in numerous forms, from Comics to cartoons to games on our mobile phones. But in 1992 one of the most iconic gaming adventures was released. Sonic 2 was a fast-paced side scrolling game which introduced another beloved character to the series named “Tails”.

Sonics sidekick allowed a second player to join in on the action and take down the evil protagonist “Dr Robotnik”. He plans world domination by taking Animals from the planet and turning them into an army of robots. During this he is also building a space stationed titled “The Death egg” (homage to the “Death star” in Star Wars). The game sold a staggering six million copies in its lifetime which put it firmly next to its prequel “Sonic the Hedgehog” as the second bestselling game on the Sega mega drive.


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photo credit: European Parliament Bill Gates at the EP: “Living Proof – the impact of effective aid” via photopin (license)

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