On this week: 23rd February 2021

Tuesday, 23 Feb 2021

Throwback Tuesday is here again and we have another set of tech achievement’s which have occurred over the history of computing, from the first phone virus to Steve Jobs being born, this week in history has pushed boundaries:

Picture of a Nokia phone infected with “Cabir”

“Cabir” The first Mobile phone virus appears

23rd February 2005

On the 25th February 2005 a worm was sent to several Anti-virus firm’s which proved mobile phones were at risk. The worm was harmless but a group of international hackers wanted to prove that it was possible to infect handheld devices.  The Worm used Bluetooth signals and would show the word “Caribe” each time the device was switched on. The world has now progressed and when the first smartphones arrived, we were given multiple Anti-virus checkers, but most phones are now almost impossible to infect, unless the user installs custom firmware or installs third party apps

Steve Job is Born

24th February 1955

A household name due to being the CEO of “Apple”. Steve jobs was born on the 24th February 1955 and over the years was able to successfully build several companies including Walt Disney’s Pixar. His success has left a legacy which includes statues erected and a Hollywood movie based on his life.

Steve Jobs born on this week in 1955
Project Echo established the first phone and television relays on this week in 1962

Relays for phone and television successful

24th February 1962

A huge achievement in communications occurred in 1962 when project Echo established the first phone and television relays. A metallic sphere 100ft diameter was placed in lower earth orbit and allowed NASA to reflect microwave signals off its surface. This is a very simple method and paved the way for the satellites we have today.

Pokémon Red & Green released in Japan

27th February 1996

Pokémon also known as “Pocket monsters” made its way out of japan in the 90s and consumers couldn’t get enough of collecting cards and toys, eventually Nintendo released two versions of the first computer game for its Gameboy console. The game allowed the player to assume the role of a “trainer” who would scour the globe for Pokémon and could collect and trade them with friends who also had a Gameboy.

This was a first in the series of games which is now on its eighth generation and in total the series has sold 300 million copies across 76 titles.

Pokémon Red and Green

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