On this week: 24th December 2019

As one-year closes another opens its doors to a fresh start, but it’s always a joy to look back at what happened on this week over the years for some new year inspiration:


23rd December 2008 – NORAD and Google earth team up for Tracking Santa

On the 23rd December 2009, NORAD (north American Aerospace Defence Command) and Google teamed up to allow tracking of Santa Across Google maps. This is now a tradition in households around the world to watch Santa Live as he travels around the globe. Other websites and companies have now decided to follow the trend such as “YouTube” to allow everyone to join in and bring a little more magic to everyone’s holiday.



24th December 1922 – BBC broadcast the first British Radio Play

On the 24th December 1922 the BBC did a historic broadcast of the first British radio play, the title of this play was “The Truth about Father Christmas”. This was written by Phillis M Twigg and unfortunately as the BBC did not have tape recorders for another decade, it was impossible to save this moment in history.



26h December 1982 – Time Magazine Awards the first Non-Human as “Man of the year”

On the 26th December, Time Magazine was published and instead of them announcing the “Man of the year” it was given to the personal computer and was titled “Machine of the year”. This was due to the huge increase in people introducing computers to the home instead of them being only found in workplaces and schools.


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