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On This Week: 25th November | LBT

On this week: 25th November

Another week and another throwback to kickstart your Tuesday morning, at the start of the week we may feel slow with a lack of motivation and ideas, but hopefully a few stories from the past may help. To save you the time we have gone down memory lane to find you the most relevant tech stories from this week over the years:



24th November 1998 – AOL Purchased Netscape

Netscape Navigator was once a leading browser for users in offices all over the world but in 1998 it was purchased by AOL (America Online) for a staggering 4.2 billion dollars. This transaction also gave Netscape shareholders a small share in AOL common stocks. Netscape was a huge step for commercially accessible internet and on the 1st of February 2008 AOL announced the browser was discontinued. You can still download a standalone version which allows you to browse the web but be aware that most websites are now unsupported and won’t be accessible.



26th November 1998 – Norbert Wiener is Born (The origins of Cybernetics)

Norbert Weiner was a child prodigy and professor of mathematics who eventually became the originator or cybernetics. The science and theory of cybernetics is the communication and control of systems in both living creatures and machines, an example would be an automatic switch which you no longer have to touch when you walk into a room. Weiner’s most famous works which he published was titled “Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” and some scientists still refer to this today and has been a foundation for the electronics, computer and telecommunications industry.



29th November 1972 – “Pong” is Release by Atari

Pong may seem simplistic to todays standards in video games but in 1972 it was the cutting edge of gaming, A concept similar to tennis which each player would manually move a block up and down the screen to avoid missing the ball which bounced between the two. This game made “Atari” founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney a household name. Unfortunately, due to the change in the gaming industry they filed for bankruptcy in early 2013 but were saved and bought by Frederic Chesnais. The company is now exceeding in the mobile gaming department and in 2020 they have plans to release the “Atari VCS” which will be a home multimedia station for all the family.



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