On this week: 5th February 2020

Its Tuesday which means it’s time for another throwback into the world of tech. As we storm into our second month of the year, we may all want a bit of inspiration and something fun to tell others during a conversation. Hopefully this should curb your appetite for knowledge:



 2nd February 1935 – The Polygraph is first Used for justice

Leonarde Keeler was the inventor of the polygraph and on the 2nd February 1935 he was allowed to put his invention to the test to convict two criminals. The machine would measure the reactions of a guilty person and give an answer. Dry mouth, perspiration, blood pressure & heart rate are all measured to find the answers and once the results are in they would be given to the courts as evidence.



4th February 1948 – Kenneth Thompson was Born

Ken may not be a household name but he was one of the founders of “UNIX” one of the most important operating systems to ever exist. The duo of Ken and his colleague, Dennis Ritchie, developed the operating system while working at AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Unix is widely used among several industries of work and is very popular with engineers and scientists alike. Who have used the system to develop, build and create new tools for production. The system is also the base of what we all know as Apple’s “macOS”! Which was originally titled “Darwin”, but later it was renamed to the “macOS” title.



4th February 2004 – “TheFacebook” goes live

On the 4th February 2004, a Harvard university student named Mark Zuckerberg started a small website for other students to connect. The 19-year-old didn’t realize just how popular it would become and within 24 hours over 1200 students had already signed up. Mark has previously been in trouble with the university by releasing a website titled “Facemash” which he would place two students on the site and allow others to vote for who was the most attractive.


“TheFacebook” was his next creation and it was one which would make his net worth over $30 Billion. A lawsuit was in place as other students claimed they had the idea, but this was settled and the name was changed to simply “Facebook”.  Mark is now the owner of the most popular social media website on the internet, with a staggering 2.2 Billion active users and links to WhatsApp and Instagram.



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