On this week: 7th January 2020

The festive period is now over and we’ve all celebrated the New Year, meaning its time to return to work and hopefully take the next step up the ladder of our careers. But after all the time spent enjoying those few days of freedom, we can lack a bit of motivation back at work, so at LBT we’ve decided to look back over the years in the tech world to give us some inspiration.


6th January 1984 – Hitachi announce 1MB memory chip

On the 6th of January 1984, tech giants “Hitachi” announced the very first chip capable of holding 1MB of data. This sounds completely obsolete to today’s standards, with the average mobile phone now capable of containing 2000 times as much memory. But this was a huge milestone in technology and allowed us to develop what we have today.


3rd January 1977 – Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak incorporate Apple Computers

January 3rd 1977 was the start of the household name we know today as “Apple”. Mike Makkula Jr invested a huge sum of $250,000 into the company and became the first chairman, while Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak worked tirelessly to see excellent growth and success, with 2018 revenue reporting turnover of $265 Billion. The company started out in Steve Jobs parents’ garage, with the initial investment allowing them to move into a building in Cupertino, to allow better production and eventually become one of the biggest corporations in the world.


4th January 1972 – Hewlett-Packard introduces the first handheld Scientific calculator

Over the past few decades we have seen scientific calculators appear in lots of guises, from traditional up to smart watches & phones, but in 1972 HP introduced the world to the very first Scientific calculator named “HP-35”. This was a huge achievement and the device was incredibly powerful for its time.


Starting as a project to create a calculator to fit in a shirt pocket, the team achieved exactly that, with the only issue being the short battery life of around 3 hours between charges. In 2007, to mark the 35-year anniversary, HP released the “HP 35s” which had the same layout but with a better battery life and a cost of $59.99, which was $335 less than the original.



At LBT we would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to read our blog, we wish you all the very best for the start of this year and ask you remember that, if you ever require technical support, we are always available to help. We offer a range of remote and onsite support to keep your company running at its full potential, so you don’t have to worry. Book a free consultation with LBT today here or call 01763 275 400.

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