On this week: 9th December

The second week of December and things are still cold as the festive season comes closer, it’s hard to focus on work and we tend to think about family and friends more with the influx of presents and festive activities. But while we move along with our lives it’s always good to look back at what happened over the years for inspiration:


10th December 1993 – Doom is Released for pc gamers

December 10th 1993 was a big day for gamers, ID published Doom onto the University of Wisconsin’s server, they gave a FTP which allowed gamers to share and download the game which defined the first person shooting genre we know today.  As ID believed people would be uninterested, this was the most ideal way to get the game out into the wild, unfortunately over 10000 people attempted to download the game at once and it crashed the university’s network until they allowed more connections to access the share. Doom is now considered one of the first and most well received FPS titles in gaming history.


10th December 1815 – Ada Lovelace is born

On the 10th December 1815, Augusta Ada King more famously known as Lady Lovelace was born. Her name may not be a household title but being a maths genius found that machines had more to them than just calculations, she published the first Algorithm which she titled “Notes” and this was as we know today as computer language. Her works were titled “Note A” to Note G”.  This made Ada one of the world first computer programmers.


12th December 1980 – Apples first IPO

On the 12th of December 1980. Tech giant Apple gave their first IPO (Initial public offering) this was the first Shares which were released and were priced at $22 (£16.93) on the first day of trading, they sold out almost immediately and raised a staggering 32%. Not only did this make the company and shareholders slightly richer but over 40 Apple employees became instant millionaires.


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