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The Challenge

Kingfisher wanted to refresh their website as well as add functionality that would allow their users to access their own information, streamlining staffs workflow by automating tasks

The Solution

LBT delivered a fully bespoke web site and secure API which allowed the system to talk to Kingfishers Associate program to manage requests from customers for an array of their data. Removing the admin overhead associated with generating this information via phone call/email.

Easing workflow leads to growth.

Empowering their customers

By creating a membership system integrated with Kingfisher’s Associate it meant that time spent responding to phone and email requests from customers could be reduced and focused more efficiently elsewhere, leading to business growth.

Mobile focused design

As with all websites these days, attention to mobile must be at the forefront of design decisions. By ensuring the new site worked on mobile devices, LBT could double down on the integration functionality by enabling users to access their information whenever and wherever they need on whatever device they were using. 

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  • Mobile traffic 28% 28%
  • Admin time reduction 55% 55%
  • Business growth 18% 18%

Before implementing LBT’s “Associate” CRM application, Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd was a successful small business that was starting to have difficulty maintaining its early growth. Our administrative staff were struggling to maintain control of the scheduling of visits of our engineers to inspect, sample, and test commercial water systems including swimming pools, spas, cooling towers etc. The more so, because of the burden of arranging the scientific tests and certifying the results to our clients. Getting new business wasn’t a problem, but handling it was.
Twelve years on, we have more clients, more engineers, and more tests. However, we also have less central administrative staff and a better service to our customers. We are now the UK’s leading testers of swimming pools testing over 1,000 pools and spas per month with offices in Hertfordshire, Swindon, Birkenhead, Scotland, Ireland and Devon all linked via the ‘Associate’ application.
Without LBT’s Associate we wouldn’t be where we are today!”

Owen Davies

Managing Director, Kingfisher Environmental Services LTD

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