Tech Thursday: 05 December

It’s been a slow week in the world of Tech, but Apple had their “event” which didn’t showcase any new applications or hardware but seemed more of a way for developers to show the press what they have been creating. Los Angeles police have been given a new “Batman” style restraint and Microsoft have announced two new Xbox consoles for gamers.


Apples “Event”

Much to peoples disappointed, the event which Apple was pushing appears to have just been more of a meeting of developers who could showcase what they have been building. The tech Giant caused quite a stir of excitement as people believed a new iPhone model or IOS features would be showcased and announced but this was not the case.  With the recent release of the iPhone 11 it seems we are several months away from hearing news of any future updates.


Los Angeles police given the “BolaWrap”

A strange piece of news emerged from the LA police department which has shown they are currently been granted access to the new devices and training for the “BolaWrap”. As Batman would lasso criminals while fighting justice, this Gadget does exactly the same. Safely the device will fire an 8ft Kevlar tether at a rate of 513ft a second which then wraps the criminal’s legs or arms without causing harm, two barbs at each end of the tether attach together when they make contact and restrain until the police can get close enough to securely remove them.

Several Police departments are already using this method of restraint with great success, no news on whether we will be adopting them over here in the UK as of yet.


Microsoft announce two new gaming consoles

Microsoft have announced two new models of their next generation console, a budget version which is discless and will allow gamers to play their games in 1440p and the next generation of Xbox which will allow full 4K gaming with a huge 10 teraflops of Graphical power. The consoles have been stated for a 2020 holiday season release but a lot of secrecy has been surrounding these consoles. Currently the lower budget model is known as Project “Anaconda” and the high specification model is known as project “Scarlett” and I believe we will find out more at the game developers conference in march or E3 in June next year.


Also news which has hit gamers this week is a classic Halo title has raced to the top of the charts again, “Halo Reach” which was release in September 2010 has made a return in the form of “Halo: Master Chief Collection”, Released on December 3rd this week it has gone to the top of the pc gaming charts and has broken the record for the most played game on launch day.


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photo credit: Thomas Hawk Microsoft via photopin (license)

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