Tech Thursday – 19th December

This week has seen some huge announcements in the world of tech and also some strange news from around the globe which may be coming into our businesses. Apple and Microsoft with new hardware to offer and someone has designed a toilet to stop long toilet breaks for employees:


Apples new $50,000 computer

Apple stunned the world again, but this time not by innovation but price.

The new Mac Desktops range from $5,999 to a staggering $50,000.

Obviously, the higher end is intended for company, rather than personal use, but does the specifications really stack up to the price?


Looking closer at the details, this top price unit does pack a very high-end specification; a 28-core intel processor, 1.5TB of memory, 4TB storage and two 32GB graphics card all of which is sure to make completing most tasks effortless.

However, with a Windows-based server being able to give a similar experience at almost 1/5 of the price, this may need a bit of ingenious marketing to get consumers purchasing these machines.
Apple have confirmed that, for an extra $5,999 you can add a 32inch 6K pro retina monitor.
No reviews have been seen as of yet on these high-end offerings, however it’s exciting to see another competitor in the Business market.


Xbox Reveal its next generation of console

Microsoft wowed the crowds at a packed theatre in Los Angeles last Thursday, where they showcased the brand-new Xbox, which was represented as “XBOX series X”.
Now, nearly a week later, Microsoft have revealed the console will simply be known as “Xbox”.

The new device is in a “Tower” design and looks very similar to a standard desktop computer and can free stand vertically or horizontal.
Specifications are still tightly under wraps but I’m sure in the next few months we will see more of what is to come by way of the new generations of Xbox games.
The only information Phil spencer (head of Xbox) has released is the new device will boast eight times the graphical power of the original Xbox one.


Ofcom to put a Ban on “Locked” Mobile devices 

Ofcom are now taking action against service providers who lock devices to just their own network.
Most consumers on monthly contracts are bombarded by new deals and better prices, but when it comes switching network, those with a locked device can find this a real hassle.
To switch networks on a locked device, you need a release code from your current provider, sometimes being charged a fee if you can get through to complete the process.
Ofcom are now trying to ban this practise, as they’ve concluded the process is unnecessarily complex and removing this bar will allow us to move between providers and offers more easily.
No news of when this will be come into force, but hopefully we will all hear soon.

And finally,…


New Toilet to stop long toilet breaks at work

A strange news article has appeared across a lot of social media platforms this week, with plans to install new toilets designed to stop employee toilet breaks lasting longer than a few minutes.
The new toilet design sees a tilt of 13-degrees to the seat, which is intended to give the user leg strain after five minutes.
This news come fresh off the heels of a statement which estimated toilet breaks are costing British Business £4 billion a year.
This could spell the end of daily mobile gaming and social media breaks, which many bosses are paying for, yet at the same time will it affect the mental health of some employees and others with disabilities who may find this to be a huge issue.
What’s your view? Let us know on our social media platforms.

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