Tech Thursday: 21st November

What’s new in the world of Tech this week? We have a brand-new streaming platform for gamers by Google which suffered some major issues on the first day, a large data leak from the new Disney+ service and Microsoft have announced plans on merging your Gmail accounts with to make life easier.



Google releases Stadia


 First up we have the newly released streaming platform “Stadia” which, using a cloud-based service, will allow users to instantly play AAA title computer games on a web browser via a remote server. Promised to have no frame rate issues and being accessible for all on launch, unfortunately on the first day it suffered some serious issues with bandwidth and many excited users were left unable to play the service as codes to access the system were not sent.


The Stadia platform is an excellent concept, you simply have a controller which sends the input via WI-FI to the remote servers and you just need a screen to play the titles whether this is a mobile phone or a top of the range television. This means you could play a high-end game at full 4K resolution with no console in sight, which seems like a huge step in the right direction, but with problems on the first day, hopefully this isn’t a vision of the future and Google will iron out the issues.





Next up the brand-new service from Disney (Disney+) appeared to have a huge data leak on the first day which saw thousands of accounts stolen and sold on the underground market. Disney have since denied this and they believe if any leaks have occurred it may have been caused by several malware or keyloggers on users machines, The service is extremely popular and is currently available in the US for $7 a month of $70 a year. The service is due to be released sometime in the new year in the UK market.





News this week has also come from Microsoft who have said they will be integrating Gmail & Google drive to Allowing you to merge calendars and access your data and mail faster and easier, A select few people have had access to the Beta version this week and so far it’s been quite successful and easy to use according to early reviewers. This will launch in the next few months but a release date is yet to be set and no news on how the platforms connect or how the data will be accessed between the two, but we will be keeping a keen eye on developments.





Lastly, we have Apple who have stated an event will be happening on the 2nd December this year, no leaks or details have been said but it seems this will be more a software driven event and we are unlikely to see a new iPhone or mac. what are your predictions? Let us know on our social media platforms.

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photo credit: svacher WWDC 2014 via photopin (license)

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