October 1, 2018

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LBT understands how essential it is for businesses to develop and nurture positive relationships with customers and staff in order to build brand loyalty, generate new customers and ultimately be successful. That is why we are in the business of developing apps that better equip our clients’ organisations to deliver great customer experiences that increase customer retention, purchases and overall satisfaction (as we will explain later).

Why is an app important to the success of your business?

Fundamentally, we create bespoke apps for businesses that underpin their ability to gain and retain customers. This is crucial at a time when Smartphone usage has been growing rapidly, with the number of mobile phone users in the world forecasted to rise to 5 billion by 2019 and already, in 2018, 36% of the world’s population using smartphones.[1] Smartphone users are downloading apps on an incredible scale with statistics forecasting 20 billion downloaded by 2020 in the UK[2] alone.

Due to the ever-increasing proportion of people using apps and smart phones they have become immensely important as routes to improving and nurturing customer

experience,[3] which is essential to business success. LBT creates bespoke apps that equip businesses to become outstanding in managing relationships and improving customer experiences and thereby customer retention We achieve this by:

  • Sustaining regular communication and connectivity with key target audiences
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Increasing brand profile and recognition
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and thereby loyalty to your business
  • Enabling active promotion of your business which results in customers becoming well informed champions and ambassadors who can share your communications
  • Generating new customers

App design success stories


Instagram provides us with a high profile story of the power of creating successful apps.[4] The way they designed, tested, retested, launched and then further developed their app to link with other internationally famous apps and app designers, including those of Twitter and Facebook, plus their great timing with the launch of iPhone4, has demonstrated just how powerful apps can become.[5]

Crowdfunder has become a successful app based on “providing an alternative way of raising money for great ideas from the people around you”.[6] It then constantly reinforces its purpose, impact and success with customers’ stories, which have only been possible through developing each of their own apps through Crowdfunder.[7]

How can we help you to create an app for your business?


Creating an app for your business is an exciting prospect but if, when and how to implement an app for your business will need careful consideration. You may require independent consultancy and/or a strategic review of the business to deal with some fundamental points. LBT can assist you with considering and incorporating these points within your app development project, throughout all stages up to and including its implementation within your organisation:

  • Are your customers using the web and/or apps to find out about your particular line of business? If they are, what are they searching for and how are they searching at the moment? Using the web and existing apps?
  • Review your business processes and systems, for example customer journeys, in order to identify how they could be improved and become much more efficient when delivered using an app
  • What advantage do any of your competitors have that could be incorporated into or superseded by your app, so that you can gain a greater competitive advantage?
  • Analyse and evaluate the changes that are happening in your market and where your competitors are embracing new technology and how. Understand this in terms of the levels of customer experience they achieve and, in developing your app, how your business can improve upon their customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Ensure that user involvement and testing informs and improves upon the app design in terms of how it helps users to solve a problem or improve efficiency
  • Consider how the app will achieve the desired reflection of your brand, contribute to raising the business profile further and attracting new customers.
  • Develop and test out, during the design stages, user friendliness of the finished app according to its target users.
  • Plan extensively how the app will be promoted through a marketing campaign incorporating existing customers, social and web-based media, business networks, partner organisations, advertising and other related apps
  • Assist you with financial budgeting, to enable you to have sufficient budget to fix any bugs and enhance the app further following user feedback

LBT is best placed to design your app with you


The team at LBT has 28 years of experience in building bespoke apps to meet the needs of clients. Our client-focused highly skilled team has the expertise and technical ability to build secure bespoke apps for most business applications.

LBT clients have found that using off-the-shelf app building packages it is not possible to gain all the benefits we have listed above or to tailor the app design to fulfil more complex requirements that provide significant competitor advantage. They have seen that by investing in our services and expertise throughout the development, testing, implementation, launch and promotion stages, customers and in turn their own business, achieve maximum benefit and impact from the app.

Every LBT client organisation benefits from the experience we have learned in building our own comprehensive app, as well as working on those for an increasingly wide range of client businesses. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients, providing consultancy and advice that enables businesses to get the most out of their app design. You can be confident that any app we design for you will be practical and user friendly, as well as technically accurate and compliant.

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