October 29, 2019

Water Treatment Services Company Grows Exponentially With Associate at it’s Core


A member of the Legionella Control Association and approved to ISO 9001, Kingfisher Environmental Services provides management of water quality in industrial and commercial buildings. LBT began providing IT support services to Kingfisher over 19 years ago and has provided a bespoke business software system for more than 18.

Starting out as a homeworking business, Kingfisher experienced steady growth, soon reaching five engineers on the road and 300-400 customers. The directors realised spreadsheets and office white boards were becoming inefficient for managing the running of the company and sought a business software solution. After looking at many off-the-shelf solutions, it was clear none fulfilled the precise needs of the business. Kingfisher decided to work with partner LBT whose Associate software could provide the core of a system with bespoke add-ons developed cost effectively to tailor the solution to their needs.


Kingfisher needed a system to manage their business processes more efficiently that was both simple to use and allowed management to extract key information quickly. Bespoke requirements included a high and expanding number of jobs to prioritise and manage, plus full traceability of water sampling results.

The Solution

LBT met with Kingfisher to discuss their requirements for a business system before demonstrating how the base Associate software can be expanded with bespoke modules to fulfill their needs. In addition to bespoke software development, LBT has provided installation, onsite training and ongoing support to ensure all users can utilise the system to its full potential. Today most functions within the business are managed using Associate with full integration to specialist software packages such as Sage for accounts and Google Maps for planning visits.

Managing Director, Owen Davies, describes Associate as ‘totally invaluable’ to the business, acknowledging their growth of 150k to £4m per annum turnover and increase in staff from 5 to 45, could not have been achieved without it. All employees are trained to use the system for managing key business processes including visit planning for up to 2,000 jobs per month among 35 field engineers. Associate enables traceability of water sampling results from swimming pools and around 3,000 certificates are sent to customers via the system every month. To find out how LBT’s bespoke software development team can propel your business forward, contact us on 01763 275 400.