Windows 10 Mobile goes end-of-life on 10th December. Are you ready?

Microsoft have confirmed End of support for Windows 10 Mobile is coming in December, and this means no further security updates or software patches to keep you protected from the latest threats.

This was first announced by Microsoft back in 2018, and whilst they have continued to release monthly scheduled updates, these will be stopping for all Windows 10 Mobile devices as of 10th December 2019.



How will this affect me and my Business?


If you’re still using one of these devices, you can get the latest windows mobile update to remain protected over the next few weeks, but Microsoft are recommending you move over to use Microsoft products on either Apple iPhone or Android Google based phones.


If you choose to continue to use your phone beyond this time, with no further Microsoft updates, you will be at greater risk of not only having intruders potentially spying on your device but also possibly stealing confidential information and passwords.

This may not happen immediately, but absence of regular security patches/updates for any device does give an intruder a weak point to attack and gain access to your private data.


As further reason to migrate, with Microsoft no longer manufacturing or selling Windows phones, you may also find issue in event of any hardware failure, such as dropped/broken touchscreen or failing battery (losing charge etc).


As a business user you will need to keep your email accounts safe and this is why Microsoft are recommending users migrate to Apple or Android phones, which will continue to receive update/support for the Microsoft Office apps available for them.


What should I do now?


To avoid the potential for trouble heading into the December festive period, our suggestion is to follow Microsoft advice to move to an Apple or Android based phone, several of which can be sourced at affordable price.

When you have your new device, we would be happy to help you with your Microsoft Office setup/migration, so you can continue to use the Microsoft programs you have come to rely on.

To ensure your business takes full advantage of the latest operating systems and, most importantly, stays protected against cybersecurity and data breaches, book a free consultation with LBT today here or call 01763 275 400.

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