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Associate CRM works at the heart of your administration systems.

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It maintains all your contacts; customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and other business partners in a secure, multi-user, SQL Server database.

Associate provides an efficient means of recording all the documents and transactions between you and your contacts.

It is your electronic store for scanned documents, emails and important files.

Easy to use functionality for…

Client contact management

Accounting software portal


Record keeping/document filing

Full audit trails

Email audit trails



Stock Control

Online shop Stock Control

Management Reporting

Associate. Easy to use functionality for…


Can I integrate Associate with my other software?

Yes, absolutely! Associate supports interacting with Microsoft Office applications, often also linking into other software packages such as your accounting system. Ask us for details.

Where is Associate hosted?

Associate exists in both on-premise and web-hosted formats. In the latter case it can be provided on Amazon Web Services platform.

Is my data secure?

Yes, very. The app uses an encrypted HTTPS link to communicate with the server and your data is stored separately using encryption unique to you.

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